Turkish Airlines Flight Academy produces first graduates

Sixteen pilots who completed their training at Turkish Airlines Flight Academy were awarded their diplomas and pilot’s licenses in a ceremony on 4 September.

Pilot Captain Halil Üstün of the airline’s training department spoke at the ceremony, which was also attended by airline president Temel Kotil, board member and academy founder Atilla Öksüz, vice-president İlhami Uslay and other guests. Reporting that the new pilots had received 750 hours of classroom academic training and an average 205 flight hours over a period of more than a year, Üstün went on: “Turkish Airlines has a pilot training academy to vie with those of a handful of the world’s leading airlines, and this is an important development achieved in recent years.” Temel Kotil in his talk expressed the airline’s pleasure that the Academy was scalable in the sense that a larger number of well-trained pilots could be produced as needed.