Turkish Airlines sponsors Turkey’s first solar yacht

Turkish Airlines has become sponsor of Turkey’s first-ever yacht, the ‘Nusrat’, to be powered by solar energy.

Built by the Istanbul Technical University Solar Yacht Team as the first solar-powered yacht in Turkey, the ‘Nusrat’ placed third in the world in the Solar Yacht Competition ‘Solar Splash 2007’, held in the U.S. state of Arkansas. Solar Splash, which has been held for fourteen years, was hosted this year by the University of Arkansas with participation by eighteen universities. The ITU Solar Yacht Team took a total of six prizes in the competition, for best designed electrical system, best solar energy system, best visual presentation and best rookie team, as well as placing third in the maneuvering competition. Piloted by ITU Mechanical Engineering student Ersin Demir, the yacht drew attention for its maneuverability, sturdiness, and original design and production in the competition, which is comprised of four phases: Qualifying, Solar Slalom, Sprint and Endurance.