Turkey holds civil aviation meetings with Latvia and Belarus

A meeting of the Turkish and Latvian Civil Aviation delegations was held in Riga in July to review topics relating to the existing air transport agreement.

Representatives of the two countries’ national airlines, Turkish Airlines and Air Baltic, were present at the meeting, in which a top level delegation consisting of Civil Aviation General Director Ali Arıduru and Assistant Director Haydar Yalçın took part from Turkey. Following the talks, a Protocol Agreement was signed between the two countries’ civil aviation authorities giving each side the right to increase their current twice-weekly round-trip flights to seven. Another civil aviation meeting in July was held in Minsk between the Turkey and Belarus delegations. Both sides put forward recommendations at the meeting, which was intended to find a solution to problems in civil aviation between the two countries that have been on the agenda for some time. Negotiations were conducted to preserve in aviation the two countries’ good political and economic relations. Meeting again in Ankara  to hammer the mutual proposals put forward into an agreement, high level government and airline officials from both sides decided to increase the number of scheduled flights between the two countries.