AnadoluJet to start flights

Turkish Airlines’ subsidiary AnadoluJet is starting flights on 23 April.

Headquartered in Ankara, AnadoluJet will offer a different approach to service with Economy class configuration, simple inflight meals and a different concept of luggage. Operating entirely under a Turkish Airlines’ license, AnadoluJet’s trademark management, aircraft maintenance, flight safety and transport obligations will carry the Turkish Airlines’ guarantee, and its quality of maintenance and safety will adhere one-on-one to Turkish Airlines standards. The cost benefit gained by economy class configuration and simplification of the additional services offered to passengers will be reflected in ticket prices, thus creating a ‘low-cost’ business model enabling broad masses of people to use air transport services.

Making domestic flights from its Ankara base in the initial phase, AnadoluJet in time will also introduce international routes, again from its Ankara headquarters. In the first phase, AnadoluJet will be flying six Boeing 737-400’s. The planes’ economy class configuration will be complete by 23 April. AnadoluJet’s flights, which will be made more attractive through campaigns offering lower fares for early reservations, constitute a new departure in civil aviation in Turkey. AnadoluJet is starting its flights with a campaign: All seats on all flights during the first week will cost TL 29 before taxes, and starting the second week the first 29 seats on each plane will again sell for TL 29 before taxes.