Turkish Airlines’ environmental sensitivity

Turkish Airlines is the first customer to participate in GE Aviation’s new scrap reclamation program, aimed at recycling hardware containing the rare and costly element rhenium.

The project was initiated last year by GE Aviation, an operational unit of the General Electric Company. Under the program, customers will return to GE Aviation their scrap high pressure turbine (HPT) blades made from nickel super alloys that contain rhenium. The material will then be cleaned and melted down for re-use in HPT blade manufacturing. The project will be realized by Turkish Technic Inc. on an ISO 14001 Environment Management System license. Expressing his pride in participating in the program and spearheading this environmentally friendly project, İsmail Durur, President of Turkish Technic, Inc., a 100% Turkish Airlines-owned subsidiary, said: “This step is proof of Turkish Airlines’ traditional sensitivity to the environment and the ecological heritage and its desire to be included in projects to preserve that heritage.”