New food offerings on Turkish Airlines

Founded jointly by Turkish Airlines with the Turkish firm DO&CO, which provides catering services around the world, Turkish DO&CO revamped its refreshment concept in 2007 and has enriched its offerings for the new 2008-2009 timetable.

Offering Turkish cuisine on its menus, which are based on the concept “Who's in the Kitchen?”, it has also incorporated dishes from the Italian, Spanish, French and Asian cuisines to meet the expectations of Turkish Airlines' foreign passengers.
Turkish DO&CO's master chefs have developed their menus by combining the highest restaurant quality with the best possible in-flight service. Prepared in a boutique production using only the freshest ingredients, the dishes are served by the airline's friendly and experienced cabin crew. Eight different menus are on offer on the international routes, and four on the domestic routes on the new winter timetable. Changed every week, the new menus.