111’s of the month celebrate 111th week

For two years now, Turkish Airlines’ promotional fares have been flying you to three different points in the world each week for just 111 euros.

The campaign, which has attracted great interest, is celebrating its 111th week this month. To mark the occasion,  from 18 to 24 February Turkish Airlines is offering to fly passengers to all destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Turkic Republics for only 111 euros and to all destinations in the U.S., the Far East and South Africa for fares starting from 333 euros. The list of 111 euro Economy Class, 333 euro Business Class bargains in February is as follows: Cologne, Rostov, Muscat (1-7 February), Oslo, Kazan, Abu Dhabi (8-14 February), Prague, Tunis, Madrid (15-21 February), Helsinki, Kuwait, Sarajevo (22-29 February). For details and reservations, www.thy.com or 444 0 849 (THY).