Vienna promotional evening

Turkish Airlines recently organized a special program to mark the 40th year of its flights to Vienna which started in 1967 and the opening of the Vienna Sales Office following a restoration.

Taking part in the opening ceremony were Turkish Airlines' Chairman of the Board, Dr. Candan Karlıtekin, Board Member Mehmet Büyükekşi, Senior Vice President Public Relations, Hamdi Irmak, Turkey's ambassador to Austria, Selim Yener, and Attilla Doğudan representing Turkish Airlines' catering company DO&CO, as well as representatives of several other companies. At the evening portion of the event, a cocktail reception at Vienna's Hofburg palace was followed by a concert given by the İnce Saz Group. In a talk he gave at the end of the evening, Dr. Karlıtekin pointed out that Turkish Airlines, which is preparing to celebrate its 75th year, provides service at the 5-star airline standard with 107 international and 33 domestic routes. He added that traffic between Turkey and Austria is going to increase when the airline becomes a member of the Star Alliance in 2008.