Turkish Airlines and Turkcell collaborate on new campaign

Turkish Airlines and mobile phone provider Turkcell have launched a new campaign aimed at enabling Miles&Smiles frequent flyer club members who use Turkcell to redeem their miles for minutes/units and Miles&Smiles members who use İşTcell to earn bonus miles when making phone calls.

Under the new cooperation, İşTCell subscribers with invoiced phone lines will earn 3 bonus miles for each 1 TL on their invoice, while İşTCell subscribers with prepaid phones will collect bonus miles equivalent to half the units they purchase. Bonus Miles will then combine with Miles&Smiles miles to turn into award tickets.

Miles&Smiles members will also be able to convert their miles into Turkcell minutes/units for either their own GSM line or that of another person. Members may request a minimum of 250 units/100 minutes up to a maximum of 500 units/200 minutes monthly from their Miles&Smiles account at 15 miles per unit or 40 miles per minute. For further information, visit www.thy.com/smiles or www.turkcell.com.