AnadoluJet flights get under way

Turkish Airlines held a press conference on 4 April to brief the public about its subsidiary, AnadoluJet, which started flying to points in Turkey from its base in Ankara on 23 April.

Speaking at the press conference, which was held at the TAV conference hall of Ankara’s Esenboğa Airport, the Chairman of Turkish Airlines’ Board of Directors, Dr. Candan Karlıtekin, said that AnadoluJet was bringing a new concept of flight to Anatolia which will enable passengers to travel more economically under the Turkish Airlines safety guarantee. “We take three points into consideration when we carry out our studies,” said Karlıtekin. “Adding commercial value to our airline, benefiting our country as its national carrier, and further developing aviation. AnadoluJet is a very important step along that path.” Another speaker at the conference, Sami Alan, the Airline’s President in charge of Revenue Management, gave details about AnadoluJet’s operations and commercial activities. The Airline’s President, Temel Kotil, Ph.D., pointed out that all AnadoluJet flights would be made under a Turkish Airlines operating license, adding: “In terms of brand management, aircraft maintenance, flight safety, and transport obligations, AnadoluJet will be entirely responsible to Turkish Airlines and under the Turkish Airline’s guarantee. Turkish Airlines aims to reach a broader mass of people by passing on to its customers the cost benefits that will be derived from simplifying the refreshment and other services it offers passengers on AnadoluJet,”. For details 444 2 538 (AJET)