45th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

Organized this year for the 45th time, the Presidential cycling tour of Turkey will be held 12-19 April by the Cycling Federation of Turkey and the Department of Youth and Sports under the auspices of President Abdullah Gül and with strong participation by international cycling teams.

In addition to the 18 most prestigious professional cycling teams, 150 athletes representing the Turkey and Germany national teams will compete in the 45th Presidential Cycling Tour, which is of great importance for promoting Turkey abroad. Included on the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) calendar, Turkey’s Presidential Cycling Tour has been upgraded to category 2.1 and is now one of the most important races in the world. It will begin on 12 April at Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square with the ‘Istanbul-Istanbul’ stage.

Following the transfer of the teams to Izmir by Turkish Airlines, the tour will resume on 13 April with stages to Izmir, Kuşadası, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Finike and Antalya, ending in Alanya on 19 April.

The 8-stage, 1,212 km-long Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which provides major support to the development of the sport, will be broadcast live by Turkish Radio and Television to Turkey and Europe by special cameras mounted on planes and helicopters. With coverage by the international media it will create a sensation in many countries in Europe as the world’s top-ranking cyclists compete for a total cash prize of 150,000 Euros.

Making a big splash in the press last year when President Abdullah Gül honored the awards ceremony with his presence, in its 45th year as well Turkey’s Presidential Cycling Tour is going to find a place on the global agenda as an international event successfully organized in Turkey.

The stages of the 45th Presidential Cycling Tour:

1st Stage: İstanbul-İstanbul       142km (14 tur 14 laps)
2nd Stage: İzmir-Kusadasi                132.5km
3th Stage: Kusadasi-Bodrum              166.1km
4th Stage: Bodrum-Marmaris               166.9km
5th Stage: Marmaris-Fethiye     130km
6th Stage: Fethiye-Finike     194km
7th Stage: Finike-Antalya               114.5km
8th Stage: Antalya-Alanya     166km
Total    1.212km