Turkish Airlines at Yalta Tourism Fair

Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Undersecretariat for Promotion and Culture took part jointly with a 21-square-meter stand in the 18th Yalta Tourism Fair organized by the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with the participation of 500 firms foreign and domestic.

Representing Turkey and Turkish Airlines at the fair were the airline’s Eastern Europe and Balkans Regional Director Mehmet Başpınar, Regional Expert Hikmet Mesut Türkseven, Ukraine Director Erol Akçal, Simferopol Director Halid Koca, Odessa Director Hasan Kılıç and the Attaché of the Undersecretariat for Promotion and Culture Ahmet Çanga.

Paying a visit to the Turkish stand, the President of the Crimea Autonomous Republic, Plakida Viktor Tarasovich, Health and Tourism Minister Slesareva Marina Petrova and other government officials expressed their pleasure with Turkish Airlines’ operations in the region. A ceramic plate decorated with Anatolian motifis was later presented to Petrovna in special talks held with the Health and Tourism Minister. The Turkish stand also attracted the attention of the local people. The talks held and observations made were beneficial to our airline’s commercial and corporate image.