Turkish Airlines Takes “Best Marketing Award”

Privatized last year and operated by the German Hochtief Group, which also runs Düsseldorf Airport, Budapest Airport’s Traditional Aviation Night was held at the Symbol Budapest building on 19 March.

Budapest Airport CEO Jost Lammers gave the opening talk of the evening. Following a presentation including an assessment of past and future by Deputy Director Dimitrios Gatsonis, Seabury Aviation and Aerospace Director Dr. Christopher J. Smith, a leading and highly respected name in aviation, gave a much-appreciated and well-received talk about the current economic crisis in aviation and its risks and opportunities. 

In a ceremony at the end of the evening, Turkish Airlines was given the ‘Best Marketing Award’ of Hungary 2008. The airline’s Budapest Director Levend Arısoy accepted the award from the Budapest Airport CEO. Also present at the evening were Turkish Airlines’ Central Europe Regional Director A. Soner Akkurt and Regional Expert Mustafa Marangoz. Turkish Airlines was deemed worthy of the award for its 18% growth despite a market contraction of 40% in Hungary during the year.