THY HOLDS 2009 Marketing Summit

Turkish Airlines’ 2009 Marketing Summit was held in Ankara between November 20-21. The summit opened with a speech by Candan Karlitekin, THY’s Chairman of the Executive Committee and of the Board, while THY’s CEO and Member of the Board  Temel Kotil emphasized sector competition and trends from a 360-degree perspective. THY’s foreseen goals and innovations for the 2009-2010 period were presented by Executive Vice President (Commercial) Orhan Sivrikaya. Participants’ questions were answered during a special session mediated by Deputy Chairman of the Board, Hamdi Topçu, Temel Kotil, Ph.D, and Member of the Board Orhan Birdal. THY’s “NEXT in Travel” project was detailed by Faruk Çizmecioğlu, President of Marketing and Sales and the host of the summit, highlighting developmental plans to deepen its scope in 2010.

Attended by THY managers and field experts, the summit also featured prominent names. Esteemed aviation figure Prof. Dr. Rigas Doganis made a presentation on global trends in the industry, completing his speech with a Q & A session. Renowned psychologist and writer Doğan Cüceloğlu elaborated on ‘Being Human in the Workplace and the Art of Motivation’, while prominent advertising creative Serdar Erener made a presentation on Turkish Airlines’ advertising strategy and creative work.