Flavors of Anatolia on AnadoluJet

Turkish Airlines' subsidiary, AnadoluJet, is offering its passengers the local flavors of Anatolia.

AnadoluJet, which started up on 23 April 2008 from its home base in Ankara and has significantly increased its number of passengers in the interval, has blazed a trail in passenger-pleasing innovations. Aiming to bring its passengers a taste of Turkey's rich  local flavors, AnadoluJet since December has been offering specialties unique to Anatolia, such as fresh pistachio meats, pistachio marzipan and dried apricots, on some of its flights on certain days of the week.

Following positive feedback from passengers, the diversity of products on offer has been increased under an agreement with the Gaziantep Southeast Agricultural Cooperative and the Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry to bring passengers the tastes of Anatolia. Under the new cooperation, Yenigün candied bitter orange, Mersin's Hasan Yozgat carrot halva and Bolçi chocolate from Bolu are being served on certain days of the week and small cones of Mado ice cream being offered on all Ankara flights originating from Kahramanmaraş.