Shooting of promotional film with Kevin Costner is completed

Shooting of the Turkish Airlines' promotional film with Oscar-winning Hollywood star Kevin Costner has been completed.

Directed by award-winning Swedish director Fredik Callingaard with Danish award-winning director of photography Kasper Tuxen at the camera, and starring Hollywood's world-famous Kevin Costner, the shooting of Turkish Airlines' promotional films has been successfully completed.

Raising its targets by the day as it grows in the international market, Turkish Airlines brought in special teams from abroad for the promotional film shoots, which took two full days. Music for the films was composed by well-known musicians. A 350-person team and a group of 80 actors from Italy, Germany, Serbia, Russia and Turkey took part in the filming.

Cabin interior scenes for the promotional film were shot in an A330 model aircraft. Kevin Costner, who played in the films, said he prefers Turkish Airlines for its success and the importance it places on its customers.

The promotional film shot for Business Class service is aimed at promoting business class on the airline's entire flight network. The film was already released in February to be shown in seventy countries including Turkey.

During his three days in Istanbul, Kevin Costner was a focus of intense interest and drew high praise for his friendly and engaging manner. Taking part in a global promotional campaign for the first time, Costner remarked as he was leaving Turkey on the night of Tuesday, 13 January, “I said that Turkish Airlines was a growing company, but I see that it is very big already. I encountered a high-level professional approach. From the director to the workers on the set, everybody was eager to do a good job. I'd like to come back here again as soon as possible with my wife.”