Turkish Airlines expands fleet to 127

With the addition of the 59 aircraft ordered in 2004, Turkish Airlines has expanded its fleet to a total of 127.

All of the 59 airplanes ordered under purchasing agreements signed with Airbus in 2004 and with Boeing in 2004 and 2005 had joined the Turkish Airlines fleet as of the end of 2008.  Deliveries included five Airbus A330-200's, nineteen A320-200s and twelve A 321-200's, as well as 23 B737-800's from the Boeing firm.

Lowered with every new plane added, the average age of the fleet is down from 7.87 years in 2003 to 6.27 years today. Not only are the new planes equipped with the latest in cabin interior design and entertainment systems, aircraft interior renovations have also been completed on the A340-300's already in the fleet. While Turkish Airlines eliminated 11 RJ's, two Boeing 737-500's and five Boeing 737-400's from its fleet in stages in 2003, three A310-300's were converted from passenger planes into cargo planes.

In addition to the 59 new aircraft, leasing contracts for a total of 42 planes and purchasing agreements for four A321-200's have been signed since 2004. Fifteen of these leased aircraft were returned. Twenty-one of them - four A319-100's, two A340-300's three A320-300's, five A321-200's, three B737-800's, one B737-700, two B777-300ER's and one A310-300F - joined the fleet as of the end of 2008. The remaining ten - two A330-200's, four A321-200's, one B777-300ER and three B737-700's - will join the fleet in the first half of 2009.