“First Class” service on Turkish Airlines 3 Boeing 777's

Having become one of the world's most talked about airlines thanks to its success over the past five years, Turkish Airlines has now leased 3 Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft to use on long-haul flights.
With the addition of these planes, leased from Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines is going to introduce the “First Class” concept. Revamping its entire in-flight refreshment concept in 2007, Turkish Airlines is the period ahead going to offer its passengers travel comfort they will never forget in its “First Class” service.
There is a total of 312 seats, 8 First Class, 30 Business Class and 274 Economy Class, on the first two Boeing 777-300 ER's which will come to Istanbul and join the fleet on 24 and 25 December. The seats in the First Class cabin are in individual sections and can be reclined to a fully horizontal position in the form of a 2.1 meter-long bed, thus affording passengers the comfort of a suite. Business Class seats will be fully reclinable as well.
The Boeing 777-300 ER planes are intended to serve the routes to Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York and Tokyo in the initial stage. Once the planes are incorporated into the Turkish Airlines' fleet, it will be possible to transport more passengers and cargo on the routes in question. The use of these planes on the New York route, for example, will make it possible to offer an additional cargo capacity of 18 tons per flight.
With the addition of the three Boeing 777-300 ER's and the two A330-200 planes to be added in February and April of 2009 to its existing nine A340-300's and five A330-200's, Turkish Airlines long-haul fleet will increase to nineteen aircraft.