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  • In one direction or any direction with Miles&Smiles

    In a new policy launched on 1 June, members of Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program may now use their miles for one-way award tickets.

    In a new policy applicable to all classes on Turkish Airlines’ flights, one-way award tickets may be arranged in return for up to 60% of the mile value of a round-trip award ticket. Turkish Airlines’ Vice-President for Business Development and Agreement  Dr. Haşmet Gökırmak reported that projects are being developed to offer Miles&Smiles members, whose numbers are approaching 1.6 million, the chance to spend their existing miles and earn new ones. Pointing out that Bimeks, Rixos Hotels, Inter Limousine and Hertz recently joined as Miles&Smiles program partners, Gökırmak added: “Choice brands from a variety of sectors are going to become Miles&Smiles program partners in the days ahead, and our members are going to earn miles by showing their Miles&Smiles cards when shopping for these brands. We are also developing different opportunities for spending miles earned. Miles&Smiles members can also use their miles to acquire award tickets for themselves as well as their loved ones. With the new one-way award ticket, Miles&Smiles members have the chance to earn award tickets by taking a fewer number of flights.”