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  • Turkish Airlines decides to purchase new planes

    The Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines has decided to purchase three wide-body airplanes within the framework of its previously announced decision to purchase 105 additional aircraft, 30 on option.

    According to the decision, Turkish Airlines will purchase ten new Airbus 330’s, three of them on option, and seven new Boeing 777’s.
    The decision to purchase 14 aircraft (7 Airbus and 7 Boeing 777’s) and three more on option emerged within the framework of a decision to purchase 25 double-corridor aircraft, 10 on option, as part of the ‘2009-2023 Fleet Projection’. Together with five Boeing 777’s the decision to purchase which the airline announced earlier, a total of 22 new planes are going to join the fleet, three of them on option.
    With the aircraft slated to joint the Turkish Airlines’ fleet between 2010 and 2012, the number of double-corridor planes is going to rise to 37. Double-corridor planes currently make up 30 percent of the fleet with 9 Airbus 340’s and 7 Airbus 330’s.
    In addition to the 3 Boeing 777’s that joined the fleet during the last year on lease from Jet Airways, an agreement has also been signed for the lease of one more Boeing 777.