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  • AnadoluJet renews its fleet

    Carrying 2,525,000 passengers annually, Anadolu Jet has renewed its fleet with the addition of another Boeing 737-700 since its first anniversary.

    Exceeding its target of two million passengers a year, Anadolu Jet carried 2,525,000 passengers in 2008. Starting out with six Boeing 737-400’s which it purchased from Turkish Airlines, within a short time the airline renewed its fleet with the ‘New Generation’ Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Joining only a few days ago, the fleet’s most recent addition is a Boeing 737-700 type ‘TC-JKI’ registered aircraft named ‘Abant’. The existing Anadolu Jet fleet consists of 3 B737-800’s, 4 B737-700’s and 1 B737-400 aircraft. With its renewed fleet of eight planes, Anadolu Jet not only connects Ankara with the rest of Anatolia on its busy timetable of flights to 25 destinations but links the cities of Anatolia as well by flights of an hour or less.