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  • Embracing the world with Turkish

    Efforts to promote the Turkish language and Turkish culture around the world and bring the countries of the world together in peace are starting to bear fruit.

    Launched by the International Turkish Teaching Association (TÜRKÇEDER) in 2003 with the participation of 17 countries, the Turkish Olympics are being held this year from 27 May to 10 June with the participation of 250 teachers and 700 student finalists from 115 countries. Some ten thousand young people prepared for this year’s Turkish Olympics, a language olympiad started by Turkish educational volunteers in schools opened around the world with widespread participation. Following the eliminations in their own countries, 700 finalists came to Turkey for the event, which Turkish Airlines supports as transportation sponsor. In the competitions, which are being held in Ankara and Istanbul, the students displayed their knowledge and skill in Turkish in 13 different different language areas, such as speaking, the writing of articles, songs and poems, and country promotion.