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  • Turkish Airlines and Düsseldorf International Airport come together

    Turkish Airlines’ Düsseldorf Office and the management of Düsseldorf International Airport came together recently for a mutual exchange of information.

    Despite the economic crisis, Turkish Airlines was reported at the meeting to be in fifth place in terms of number of passengers at Düsseldorf Airport, Germany’s third largest with 18.1 million passengers in 2008.
    Turkish Airlines’ President and CEO Ph. D. Temel Kotil observed that the potential for a very serious increase in number of passengers had been captured with its 6 daily flights (4 Istanbul, 1 Ankara and 1 Anatolia), and pointed out that the airline aimed to bring its number of passengers up from 430,000 in 2008 to a million in the near future.  The negotiations continued at the airline’s headquarters following a dinner-reception at the VIP lounge attended by Vice-President Orhan Sivrikaya, Marketing Director Faruk Çizmeci, Central Europe Vice President A. Soner Akkurt, and Cargo Director Atilla Lise, with an exchange of gifts by the Düsseldorf Airport CEO Christoph Blume and Turkish Airlines’ President and CEO Ph. D. Temel Kotil.