Anadolu Jet, Mediterranean University, Mahşer-i Cümbüş Cooperation

Held in Antalya 16-20 February in a cooperation between AnadoluJet and the University of the Mediterranean, Aviation Days were a focus of intense interest with events such as a Mahşer-i Cümbüş theatrical production, a tree planting ceremony staged by students and actors, an aviation symposium, flying pleasure in a flight simulator, and a series of contests with prizes.

Among the activities, Turkish Airlines’ President in Charge of Regional Flights Sami Alan’s talk, “The Impact of Development in Aviation in Turkey and the World on the Antalya Economy”, was received with interest.

Mediterranean University President Israfil Kurtçebe said that one purpose of the Aviation Days organized jointly with AnadoluJet was to lay the infrastructure for the Civil Aviation Academy slated to be founded within the University.