Increase in flights by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is now increasing its flights to certain points by adding 9 new destinations abroad and 2 in Turkey.

The new destinations include Kahramanmaraş and Van in Turkey as well as New Delhi and Mumbai in India, Brussels, Venice, Helsinki, Basel and Dublin in Europe, Kuwait in the Middle East and Addis Ababa in Africa.

Scheduled daily, the New Delhi and Mumbai flights began on 2 February. Flights to Brussels are increasing from 17 to 21 times a week on 2 March, and flights to Venice, Helsinki, Basel and Dublin will also be daily. On the new timetable the Venice and Basel flights get under way on 3 March, the Helsinki flights on 5 March and the Dublin flights on 29 March. Starting on 7 March, the Istanbul-Kuwait flights, which are currently four days a week, are being increased to five. Flights to Addis Ababa will also increase in frequency from four to five days a week on 7 March. On the domestic routes, flights from Istanbul to Kahramanmaraş are being increased from 5 to 7 days a week and flights to Van from 7 to 10 days a week.