Here’s to many more flights with AnadoluJet

During the past five years, the airline industry has exhibited a dazzling growth performance.

Thanks to its renovated airport and advantageous geographical situation, Ankara pointed to the existence of an opportunity in domestic flights, after Izmir and Antalya. To seize these opportunites, connect Anatolia to Ankara via short flights at a more attractive price, and bring air travel to different groups of customers, AnadoluJet was established and, with the contributions of Turkish Airline employees, is growing steadily. With 2.5 million passengers annually, filled to more than 80% capacity, boasting timely arrivals in more than 90% of cases, and with brief layovers plus a fleet which on average is less than one year old, AnadoluJet is a young, dynamic sister brand of Turkish Air Lines.

AnadoluJet will complete its first year in April 2009, at which time it will be operating from 23 points, with Ankara as the central destination, and the addition of Bodrum and Dalaman will further enrich the flight network. New passengers will be happier than ever, with the new planes, free refreshments, cheerful cabin crew, and the fact that Ankara is an easy, reasonably priced connection.

For the past year AnadoluJet has engaged in promotion and advertising, field work, university events and participation in fairs throughout Anatolia. These activities will continue and increase, as will the airline’s sponsorship of concerts and ties to the sports clubs which it backs. With a whole year successfully behind it the brand is expanding its targets, as evinced by the press bulletin to be published quarterly, the “Anatolian Flavors” project which proves that Anatolia has taken AnadoluJet to its heart, and the in-flight magazine the first issue of which you are now reading.

Flying to destinations which have never been reached before, and with a young team, AnadoluJet will continue to bring distant points closer.