Europe’s only four-star airline in all categories

Chalking up yet another success, Turkish Airlines has become the only airline in Europe with four stars in all categories.

The airline earned four stars in all the categories assessed: in first, business and economy class on long-haul flights, and in business and economy class on short and medium-haul flights. Its four-star status in economy class especially gave Turkish Airlines an edge over its European competitors since there are no other airlines that are four-star in economy class among the 4-star European airlines. The Skytrax survey results, which enable Turkish Airlines to move one step ahead of its competitors in the region, were announced on the website, www.airlinequalitycom. Among the Southern European countries included in the regional assessment are Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, the Greek sector of Cyprus, Malta, Rumania, Slovenia and Turkey.