Another opportunity from Miles&Smiles! Shop at Bimeks and earn miles!

Miles&Smiles members who can earn miles from flights on Turkish and other Star Alliance member airlines by using program-partner hotels and car rental agencies, as well as from expenditures made with their Shop&Miles card, can now also earn miles by shopping at Turkey’s leading technology chain, Bimeks.

Classic Card holders will earn 1 mile, Classic Plus Card holders 2 miles, Elite Card holders 3 miles and Elite Plus Card holders 4 miles for every 1 Euro’s worth of shopping they do at a Bimeks Technology Store.

With a total of thirty stores in Turkey, Bimeks is Miles&Smiles’ program partner in the technology area. Thanks to this cooperation, Miles&Smiles members will earn miles while enjoying a broad selection of products at Bimeks, which markets worldwide brand names in everything from computers and mobile phones to digital and video cameras, televisions and printers. Details regarding the mile-earning opportunities offered by shopping at Bimeks are available on the website at