Turkish Airlines Intensive Middle East Events

Turkish Airlines and Karnak Travel organized a meeting and a workshop in Antalya during 13-18 April.

20 countries, 25 destinations heavily from Middle East and North Africa have attended to this event. In total 736 representatives has joined this organization. 680 executive representatives of travel agencies were followed by press attendants. Antalya being the specific region, the event covered extensive information about Turkey, Turkish Airlines and Cruise opportunities. Kuwait Manager Tarkan INCE did a presentation about Turkish Airlines, TURSAB’s; Director of Corporate Affairs Ela ATAKAN did a presentation about Turkey and tourist destinations within Turkey. The cooperatively organized event was on air live with Al-Jazeera TV. Turkish Airlines passed messages to the travel agents. Some headlines were about Turkeys Tourism potential. Followed by a fact that when US Dollar and Euro monetary values are taken as a reference point for purchasing power, Turkey’s offering on products and services are very tempting. Despite to the global financial crises Turkish Airlines high net profits were also addressed. Turkish Airlines kindly asked Travel Agents to share their all applicable business models.