Memories Awakened By A Book Of Poetry

Dean of the Turkish novel, Yaşar Kemal has surprised us with a book of poetry, prompting memories of two prominent earlier Turkish poets.

These days spring has come
  ‘Published in the little magazines or never brought to light of day, the poems penned by Yaşar Kemal before he ever wrote his first short story have been turned into a book. The volume, which opens with ‘Irgatlık Anıları’ [Memories of a Farmhand], in which he describes his own life at the time, confirms that Kemal, who takes his inspiration from folk literature, understands modern poetry as well.

The Complete Poems
  Nazım Hikmet paints a portrait of his homeland in his verse epic, ‘Human Landscapes From My Country’, a panorama in words of the country where he lived and which he sorely missed during his many years of exile. Yaşar Kemal’s poems too contain fragments from that great canvas. Indeed, Nazım Hikmet inevitably comes to mind when reading ‘Kırmızı Deynek’ [The Red Stick].

‘Thirty-five years’
  Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı is a poet who relegated the message somewhat into the background in his concern to emphasize the beautiful, which, together with his supreme mastery of the language, dominates his poetry. In his early period especially, Yaşar Kemal is reminiscent of Tarancı, not only in his folklore but in his syllabic meters.   

The Istanbul Photography Center’s Leica Gallery is hosting an exhibition, ‘Music on the Istanbul Scene’ starting from December 2nd. The exhibition, realized with the support of the Istanbul Philharmonic Society and Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, ends on December 31st.
Founded by Cantek Batur, Olay Andaç, Barış Samir, İlker Göçmen and Yavuz Yurtgüder, Zift is now bringing art lovers ‘Yanlış Şeyler’ (Wrong Things). Zift, which has had a hard-core listening audience since the 1990’s, is on stage at Ghetto the evening of December 2nd.

Antik A.Ş. is holding its 264th auction at the Swissotel on December 5th. Up for sale with a starting price of TL 600,000 is an oil painting entitled ‘Kırmızı Giysili Çoban’ (Shepherd in Red) by Nazmi Ziya, a prominent figure in Turkish painting, signed by the painter in the Ottoman script. The auction, which includes works by important Turkish painters such as Hikmet Onat, İbrahim Çallı, Naci Kalmukoğlu, Hoca Ali Rıza, Sami Yetik and Feyhaman Duran, will also include canvases with Istanbul scenes by the world-renowned Orientalist painters Fabius Brest and Prieur Bardin. Other important items include calligraphic inscriptions by practitioners of the Turkish school Kazasker Mustafa İzzet, Mahmud Celaleddin and Hamid Aytaç.

He has produced six covers for ‘The New Yorker’ and one for Forbes and is the recipient of a total of 71 awards, 23 of them international, 43 national. Born in the Black Sea’s Ordu-Mesudiye in 1954, Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu is at Füsun İnan Art Gallery with 30 illustrations from December 4th through 30th.

Milli Reasürans Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition, ‘Here and Now/Documentary Photography in Today’s Spain’, December 7-31. The exhibition, which offers an interpretation of Spain today, features works by 14 young Spanish artists.
Evin Art Gallery is hosting the latest works by     Neş’e Erdok, one of the masters of contemporary representational painting in Turkey, starting from December 9th. Featuring portraits and self-portraits in indoor settings, the exhibition runs through January 4th.
A pioneer of the Italian Acid Jazz and Nujazz scene, composer, producer, guitarist, and DJ Nicola Conte and his six-member Nicola Conte Jazz Combo are at Tamirane the evening of December 11th. For those keen to branch out from Acid Jazz to Bossa Nova and Afro Jazz…

Serge Mendjisky
Serge Mendjisky is at Bali Art Gallery from December 16th. This artist, who uses a special technique to produce his works, has set his sights on Istanbul after New York, Moscow, Casablanca and Venice.  His exhibition, entitled ‘Sculpture Cities’, runs through January 9th.
Pianist Gülsin Onay is giving a benefit recital at Süreyya Opera on December 22nd for  those whose lives have been changed by Darüşşafaka High School for fatherless children.
Mayumana, founded in Tel Aviv in 1996 as a theatrical ensemble, is at the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall Theater the evenings of December 23rd and 24th. The group, which has performed in various cities and countries, travels with a team of 100.
   “To be art, an object must be unique, original and real. That is the sole criterion in art.” So said the late sculptor İlhan Koman, whose exhibition, ‘Ilhan Koman at Arte Istanbul’, is on at Arte Istanbul Art Gallery through December 31st.