Full Poınts For Turkish Airlines From Washington D.C.

Turkish Airlines earned full points from all passengers on its first Washington, D.C.-Istanbul direct flight.

Among those who enjoyed the privilege of joining Turkish Airlines’ first-ever flight departing from the U.S. capital were Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington, Namık Tan, seven members of Congress, among them William Delahunt and Jean Schmidt, and around 20 American local leaders coming to Turkey for various contacts through the organization, Turkish Coalition of America, as well as a large number of Turkish and American passengers. The first flight festivities kicked off with a reception at Washington’s Dulles International Airport. Speaking at the reception, Turkish Airlines’ CEO Temel Kotil said that the flight had been awaited for a long time but that they had only been able to start that day due to a seriously tight schedule. Kotil, who said they hoped the direct Washington-Istanbul connection would contribute to strengthening both commercial and political bonds, noted that initial demand for the flights was very high.