A ‘Flying’ Campaign From Turkish Airlines And Avea

In a new cooperation, mobile phone service provider AVEA and Turkish Airlines are offering Miles&Smiles-member AVEA subscribers a chance to earn miles as they talk as well as counters/minutes as they fly. Miles&Smiles members who are AVEA subscribers  can join the Turkish Airlines-AVEA mile campaign and earn bonus miles in return for their cellular phone bills or the minutes they load on their phones as well as receiving counters/minutes for their miles. During the campaign, which will continue for one year, subscribers paying phone bills of TL 50 and up will receive 5 miles for every Turkish Lira paid, and subscribers who load counters numbering 150 and up on their phones will receive one mile for every counter loaded. Miles&Smiles members will also be able to purchase from AVEA for either themselves or others one counter in return for 15 miles and one minute in return for 40 miles. Making the announcement at a press conference, Turkish Airlines President Temel Kotil, Ph.D. said: “By offering our members various alternatives for using their miles we aim to increase the quality of our Miles&Smiles service in cooperation with different sectors.”