THY Expands Its Fleet

Within the last month, Turkish Airlines embraced its new series of wide-fuselage aircraft, which was ordered previously.

A-330-300 passenger-type and A-330-200 freighter aircraft ordered from Airbus have begun to be delivered and were introduced at the AIREX 2010 aviation fair held in Istanbul. On the other hand, Turkish Airlines received its first 777-300 ER aircraft from Boeing. The Chairman of the THY Executive Board, Hamdi Topçu, who spoke at the ceremony held in Seattle, said, “The fact that we added new Boeing 777-300ER’s in our fleet provides both that we expand in business with more income and also that we serve our customers with more quality and comfort.” A ceremony was held at the Ataturk Airport ramp for the aircraft named Dolmabahce. The airplane which carried THY executives and press members was welcomed by the aqua show performed by the fire brigade vehicles from DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority) at landing in Istanbul. THY General Manager Asst. Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil stated that the aircraft with bigger fuselage will undertake significant missions and provide benefit in long distance flights, adding that the year 2011 will be a very active one globally. The new wide-fuselage aircraft of Turkish Airlines were designed by the world-famous design company Priestmangoode. Priestmangoode both reserves its national identity and produced a modern European interior for the cabin through the image it created for Turkish Airlines. Priestmangoode made use, for the cabin interiors, of the rich and colorful heritage of Turkish culture, especially Istanbul – from flamboyant fabrics and pattern designs to the ceramic tiles.