Buying A Turkish Airlines Ticket Is Easier Than Ever

Launched on June 16th, the ‘Turkish Airlines Mobile’ project to develop iPhone and Blackberry access is now complete.

The process of purchasing a ticket, which used to take seven minutes over WAP or JAVA, has now been reduced by one minute for users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. IPhone users may download the Fly Turkish application from the Apple Store, Blackberry users from AppWorld. Users of the iPhone application in particular will only have to enter their personal details once and not every time they log in.

Not only will users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad be able to purchase their electronic tickets more quickly over the internet, they will also be able to complete other procedures such as reservations, check-in, Miles&Smiles, baggage and cargo. In the first stage of the application, ticket purchases will be able only for domestic flights. Later it is planned to extend it as well to ticket sales abroad.