TurKish Airlines’ Stamp On The World Archery Cup

Four athletes from the US, Italy, Korea, and Russia won medals after the results of the 2010 Archery World Cup Finals.

Turkish Airlines Executive Vice President Coşkun Kılıç also gave price and watched the tournament, which took place at Princes Street Gardens between the Scotsman monument and the Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh. In fact, as tickets were quickly sold out, many viewers had to watch the events from outside of the observation area. Concerning the tournament, FITA President Dr. Uğur Erdener stated “The athletes have displayed their best performance in this wonderful environment.

The tournament, which went by very successfully, was also the last leg of the World Cup Season following the stages in Antalya, Ogden, and Shanghai. World Archery has once again had the chance to bring this sport to the center of a historic city for all to enjoy. This has been allowed by the support of our sponsors, most especially Turkish Airlines. Our athletes all feel like stars with Turkish Airlines. We enthusiastically look forward to the World Cup Final which will be organized in Istanbul next year.”