The Friendship Of Turkish Airlines And Bosnia-Herzegovina Airlines

The partnership between Turkish Airlines and Bosnia-Herzegovina Airlines has completed its first year.

Hamdi Topçu, Chairman of the Executive Board of Turkish Airlines, visited Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidential Council President Haris Silajdžić, after which he attended the iftar (Ramazan breaking-of-fast) dinner organized by Turkish Airlines. Mustafa Mujezinović, Prime Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina stated at the dinner – which was also joined by Mihad Hayro, Minister of Transport – that he believed the relationship between the two countries would progress even further. Afterward, Hamdi Topçu said that the partnership bore positive results within a short time, and that the flights organized on the aircraft procured by Turkish Airlines had made serious contributions to the number of passengers. During the events throughout the month of Ramazan, Turkish Airlines arranged iftar dinners in Kosova, Pristina, Tiran, and Pakistan which brought together local officials, managers, and agency officials.