Turkish Airlines Hosts President Abdullah Gül

Paying a visit to Turkish Airlines Head Office, President Abdullah Gül came together with Turkish Airlines’ Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu, CEO Temel Kotil, Ph.D., and members of the board of directors, who briefed him on the company’s operations.

Pointing out that he had wanted to meet with Turkish Airlines board of directors for a long time but that it only became possible that day, Gül said, “Turkish Airlines has become one of the finest symbols of a growing and emerging Turkey, and the symbol of Turkey both at home and abroad. We are all proud to see Turkish Airlines’ ads on the world’s major television networks and in its magazines.”

In honor of his visit, President Gül was presented with a Turkish Airlines model plane, a soccer ball signed by Manchester United, and Manchester United and Barcelona uniforms bearing the number 38, license plate number for his home province of Kayseri, as well as a commemorative ewer.

Gül pointed out that aviation was a difficult sector and went on to add: “It is a thoroughly professional field that demands maximum attention and care and brooks no mistakes or outside meddling. You have turned Istanbul into a new hub. You have made it possible not only for Turks but for people from Africa, Asia and many other places to fly all over the world. We hope that this Turkish Airlines success will continue forever. We have nothing but praise for you.”

Following his visit to Turkish Airlines Headquarters, President Gül also paid a visit to Turkish Do&Co Catering Services together with Turkish Airlines’ Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu and CEO Temel Kotil.Following this visit, which was closed to the press, President Gül, together with Topçu and Kotil, visited the hangar of Turkish Technic Inc., where he was met by its President, İsmail Demir, who briefed him about their operations.

Greeted with applause by the company’s employees, Gül posed for a commemorative photograph with them.President Gül and the Turkish Airlines management later visited the airline’s Flight Training Academy at Florya. The visit was closed to the press.