Getting Stronger In Iraq, Italy And Afghanistan

Basra, Najaf and Sulaymaniyeh have been added to the cities in Iraq to which Turkish Airlines has direct flights. The Basra-Istanbul-Basra flights are two days a week, the Istanbul-Najaf flights three. The Istanbul-Sulaymaniyeh-Istanbul flights meanwhile will be four days a week.

Another new route has been added to the Italian city of Naples. Initially three days a week, the flights are slated to go up to five starting in August. Still another new destination is the Afghan city of Kabul with Istanbul-Kabul-Istanbul flights three days a week to the end of October.

Left to right

Mehmet Akif Konar (/President of Marketing and Sales Region-1), Mehmet Büyükekşi (Board Member, Turkish Airlines), Hamdi Topçu (Chairman of the Board), Fayed Alshemary (The Head Of Provincial Council), Abdulalrazzak Shareef (Vice Governor)