Documentary On A Recordbreaker

A short film has been made, to be posted on the social media, about the life of Şahika Ercümen, who has entered the Guiness Book of Records as a world recordholder in free emersion and other diving disciplines. Şahika Ercümen is sponsored by Turkish Airlines, and it is hoped that the film will be an example to young swimmers and inspire a new generation of champions.

Sponsored by Turkish Airlines, the yacht races staged during autumn race week by the Göcek Yacht Club achieved their highest level of participation in recent years with 51 yachts.Russia Match Race champion Andrey Arbuzov came in first in all races in the IRC1 group.Besides Russian Albert Kabakov’s win in the 10 November Ataturk Cup day race, another Cup first this year was the Lifetime Sailing Award, which went to the 87-year-old Giacommo Campari.