Advertiser Of The Year

Passing the initial eliminations made by members of the Association of Advertisers and Advertising Foundation, Turkish Airlines garnered the highest points to be chosen ‘Advertiser of the Year’ at the final jury meeting of the two organizations’ Boards of Directors.

‘Indicators of Size and Growth’ such as advertising (marketing) revenue, revenue growth, and importance given to research, ‘Creativity Indicators’ such as creativity and performance-based awards, both international and Turkish, and ‘Development Indicators’ such as innovativeness, in-house innovations, benefit to society, contribution to sector and form of working with existing agencies were the criteria used in selecting the candidates for advertiser of the year.

At the ceremony, at which awards were presented to leading firms in 13 sectors, 15 firms were also awarded for their performances in 2010. The final jury process for determining the award winners operated within the rules and principles laid down by the independent auditing firm Ernst & Young under the ISRS 4400 standard.