40th Anniversary Celebrations In Cologne

The 40th anniversary of Turkish Airlines’ Cologne route was celebrated with a magnificent concert at the Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Attended by more than 1500 invited guests, the evening brought together a wide array of prominent businessmen and politicians as well as leading figures from the media world and organizations of çivil society.

A first in its field, the Turkish Airlines Chamber Orchestra, founded under the leadership of composer-conductor Betin Güneş, presented guests with some outstanding works of western classical music as well as a selection from Turkish composer Cemal Reşit Rey and Istanbul classical music.

Host of the evening, Turkish Airlines’ President Temel Kotil, Ph.D. pointed out that Turkish Airlines is the only airline to have its own orchestra. Another pleasant surprise for  guests was the Turkish Airlines Symphony, composed specially for the evening by orchestra conductor Güneş.

The same evening Temel Kotil, Ph.D. presented a plaque to Cologne Airport Managing Director Michael Garvens, who in turn expressed his pleasure to be working with Turkish Airlines.