Rising Together With Our Employees

Turkish Airlines has put together a very special gift as an expression of gratitude to its employees, who are the real owners of the airline’s success in recent years. In the project, the first of its kind in the world, Turkish Airlines, with the contributions of project partner Boeing, has decorated a Boeing 737-800 in its fleet with close to 17,000 photographs of its employees in various positions at 191 destinations around the world.

Nor is the project limited only to current employees. Also included are the former presidents of the airline, on behalf of all employees served the airline in the past. Some of the most remarkable examples of the Turkish art of decoration, motifs of Seljuk art, also used on the airline’s planes and in its in-cabin designs, provided the backdrop for the photos. 

Passport photos of the employees appear on the flat areas of the aircraft and photos taken with globes in the areas bearing the slogan, ‘Globally Yours’. In addition, the motto, “The World Is Our Home, You Are Our Guests”, appears in Turkish and English on the globe symbolizing ‘Globally Yours’ immediately to the right of the passenger door.