Awards Rain Down On The Academy

The Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy has earned countless awards for its quality training. Following efforts on-going since April, the academy has qualified to become a member of the ICAO Trainair Plus Program which sets the highest training standards for professionals in the aviation sector. Aiming to implement the world’s finest program in the area of Civil Aviation Training, the Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy has proved itself one of the best through this respected membership. The Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy, which last year became both an Authorized Training Center and IATA’s Regional Training Partner, received the Award for World’s Best IATA Regional Training Partner in 2012 for its outstanding performance in a single year.

From Left to Right: Turkish Airlines Senior Vice President, Training Şahin Karasar, Chief of Aviation Safety Training ICAO Capt. Mostafa Hoummady Deputy Director of Safety Management, ICAO Mohammed Elamiri.

The Turkish diaspora’s “EUROTURK CHEFS Culinary Team” has chalked up some major successes at the World Chef Olympics held in the German city of Erfurt, October 5 to 10. The Euroturk chefs walked off with a total of 21 awards, including one gold, at the olympics, of which Turkish Airlines is also a sponsor.