Attention: Liquid Restrictions

The restrictions on liquids carried in in-cabin hand luggage during air travel have been revised. Already in effect on international flights, they will now apply on domestic flights as well.  The new restrictions will go into effect at Istanbul’s Ataturk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports starting March 1 and on all domestic flights starting April 1. Please remember that under the new restrictions passengers will not be prohibited from carrying liquids, only the quantity of liquid they may carry will be limited. The liquid products that passengers may carry in clear plastic zip-top bags may not exceed 100 ml in volume. Liquid products in containers of more than 100 ml will not be allowed on the plane. Passengers will also be asked to show the liquid products in their hand luggage to inspectors at the final security checkpoint. Passengers may therefore find it convenient to carry their liquid products in their checked luggage.

Exceptions will be made for passengers with special needs. Passengers traveling with infants may carry baby food and milk, and passengers who need to take medications may carry those medications as long as they are in their original packaging. Such passengers may however be asked to show proper documentation at the final security checkpoint.