Giants Of Turkish Cinema Enjoy Virtual Flight

The chairman of Turkish Airlines’ Board of Directors and Executive Board, Hamdi Topçu recently hosted the veteran actors of Yeşilcam, the Turkish Hollywood. Coming together at a luncheon held at the Turkish Do&Co Catering Service, Türker İnanoğlu, Türkan Şoray, Cüneyt Arkın and his wife Betül Arkın, Hülya Koçyiğit, Kadir İnanır, Ediz Hun, İzzet Günay, Zeki Alasya, Tamer Yiğit, Göksel Arsoy and Çolpan İlhan experienced some enjoyable moments. Following the luncheon, the actors made a virtual flight to Los Angeles on flight simulators at the Turkish Airlines Flight Academy. Kadir İnanır, who got to sit in the pilot’s seat, did not fail to express his enthusiasm. Türkan Şoray, who said she always chooses Turkish Airlines, declared that the virtual flight made her feel safe despite a fear of flying. Zeki Alasya meanwhile voiced his admiration for Turkish Airlines, saying, “Have no worries about service or safety.” After the flight Topçu presented the actors with certificates as a memento of the day.