First Step To Shopping Days

Official airline sponsor of the Istanbul Shopping Fest, June 9-29, Turkish Airlines welcomed 60 members of the press from 30 countries. Organized by the airline’s Department of Media Relations and Marketing & Sales Departments, a 3-day program was arranged to promote Istanbul’s modern and historical face and brief visitors about the Istanbul Shopping Fest. Received as well by Turkish Airlines’ CEO Temel Kotil, Ph.D., at his office, the visitors were briefed about Turkish Airlines, Turkish Do&Co catering services and the Flight Training Department, where they enjoyed a virtual flight experience in one of the department’s simulators. The visiting members of the press were taken on a tour of Istanbul’s shopping centers on the second day, when Fest Co-chairman Hakan Kodal also made a presentation about the event.  Joining a tour of the Historic Peninsula on the last day, the visitors were briefed about Istanbul’s shopping history on tours of the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian (Spice)Bazaar.  Istanbul is going to get its fill of shopping again this year with events like openings, parades, shopping center parties and concerts by Turkish and foreign musicians, not to mention prize draws - all part of the Istanbul Shopping Fest.

Turkish Airlines’ CEO Temel Kotil, Ph.D, briefing members of press from the Middle East about the airline and Istanbul.