This Pride Is Turkey’s

Sustaining its growth in the international markets, Turkish Airlines has become the airline that flies to the largest number of countries in the world according to a report by the Official Airline Guide. Flying to 205 destinations in 90 countries, Turkish Airlines has made a short film to emphasize that the Turkish nation is the true owner of this success. Based on the motto, “This Pride Belongs to All of Us”, and the theme of having Turkey’s national anthem, the Independence March, played on different instruments by people from different countries, the project was supported by a group of 40 musicians. Several countries, among them Mongolia, India, Thailand, Brazil and Morocco, were visited for the short film, which took two months to shoot. During these travels, 130,000 kilometer were covered and 95 hours spent in the air. Produced by Turkish Airlines to share its success with the Turkish people, the film, “National Pride”, has become one of the most talked about short film projects in recent times.