Our Last Ten Years in Graphs

Global Rankings
We wish you a pleasant flight! You are on a plane belonging to Turkish Airlines, the airline with the 4th largest flight network in the world at the moment. You are a guest of the airline that was named ‘Europe’s Best Airline’ twice in succession in 2011 and 2012. We would like to thank you for that and tell you about our own journey.

Passenger Numbers
One of the main indicators of success for an airline is the way the passenger number graph is developing. Turkish Airlines’ graph has been rising continuously over the last 10 years as its passenger numbers steadily increased: At 10.4 million in 2003, our passenger numbers rose to 38.5 million in 2012.

Number of Destinations
Ten years ago we flew to 76 cities abroad and 28 in Turkey. In 2012 we had flights to 37 points in Turkey in 182 in the rest of the world. Our target in 2013 is 210 international and 37 domestic destinations, making a total of 247. We also plan to add new flight destinations in 2013 as we continue our efforts to transport you to even more places around the world

Transfer Passengers
We have connected cities around the world. The best way, for example, of getting from Lisbon to Beijing is to fly Turkish Airlines! The percentage of our passengers making connecting flights in Istanbul has climbed to 43%. By 2020 the axis of the aviation sector is going to shift to the East as Istanbul becomes a true hub.

Fleet Development
The best way of increasing passenger and destination numbers lies in investments like expanding the fleet.

Even in periods when the world was mired in economic crisis, Turkish Airlines never compromised its growth but continued purchasing new aircraft. We have 222 airplanes today, 38 of them wide-bodied, and the number is rising.

Network Development
The result? Our performance as reflected in the graphs--in higher passenger numbers and more destinations--and more awards! That success belongs to all of us. Our target in 2013 is 46 million passengers. And the crucial factor that spurs us on is the favor and guidance of our passengers. I am eternally grateful for your contributions and your confidence in us.

*Data for February 2013.