Dear Guests, As Turkey’s sole flagship carrier, we are proud to keep our promise to you and pleased to put into service the new routes whose opening we announced earlier.

Having left behind a success-filled year, Turkish Airlines is moving confidently towards its goals in 2006 with the strength we derive from you, our passengers. New planes have continued to join our fleet since January. And with this ever younger and more modern fleet, we are continuing to take you to new destinations. In March too we continued to add new routes to those we already shared with you in previous months. You can now fly direct with the Turkish Airlines’ guarantee to six more major cities: Belgrade (Serbia-Montenegro), St. Petersburg (Russian Federation), Helsinki (Finland), Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar) and Venice (Italy). And these routes will continue to be followed by still others in the months ahead. We at Turkish Airlines believe that we are fulfilling a very important duty by introducing these connections, which we are confident will enhance bonds of friendship and brotherhood and strengthen cultural and economic ties between nations. But amidst all these innovations, we have also added to our destinations the most important one of all: the future. Our highest goal throughout our 73 years in civil aviation transport has been to raise passenger satisfaction to the highest level while at the same time being a stickler for safety and quality. At the beginning of 2006 our company took a big step on its quest for quality by stepping up our efforts towards the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. In April we aim to complete arrangements for extending our ISO 9001-2000 documentation, which covers only our Cargo and Training Departments today, to encompass Turkish Airlines as a whole. Through the ‘National Quality Good Will Declaration’ that we signed in March with the Quality Association (KalDer), we are pursuing our efforts in the area of ‘Customer Satisfaction’ that we shared with you a few months back. We at Turkish Airlines have decided to join the National Quality Movement, a quality campaign launched countrywide by KalDer in 1998, with all our units. Our membership in the Quality Movement, in which we aspire to be number one, further underscores our intention to adopt the basic principles of perfection in our company, to keep them alive and to ensure their continuation. We are therefore working to prevent even the most minor inconveniences while continuing to try to raise our existing quality to even higher levels. The National Quality Movement is an on-going process that we might characterize in brief as ‘a good future’. As we always say, our historic mission compels us to be ‘different’ in every way.