A quality way of life

Not only in today’s world but since the beginning of human life on earth, quality has preserved its privileged place in every aspect and way of life.

Is there any conceivable area in which the concept of quality is not relevant? Is not quality a basic value in education, health, politics, sports, indeed in every area that comes to mind, especially in the aviation sector?

Airlines purchase similar planes; their interiors and exteriors are very much alike. The difference lies in the importance the airline gives to its passengers. Because for quality, the main thing is to put the human element into the foreground; to earn passengers’ confidence and take an interest in them with a smiling face.

The Turkish Airlines’ difference lies in the quality of service they provide to their passengers thanks to their many years of experience and know-how. The quest for quality means that all employees from the top on down work together in harmony, with conviction and in the awareness that this is a long and neverending journey. Turkish Airlines is one of the best examples of this. As Turkey’s flagship carrier, I have always regarded Turkish Airlines as the country’s gateway to the world. I am not only their passenger; I have from the beginning been part and parcel of that long and neverending Quest for Quality. They strive with conviction and self-sacrifice, as if to prove that quality recognizes no political or geographical boundaries. For the Turkish Airlines family do their job with such punctiliousness as to never have to say, “I’m sorry”, and in the awareness that they are compelled to work according to the principle of ‘customer satisfaction’ no matter how difficult the conditions. And perhaps the beauty of the competitive environment lies precisely in this.

Quality therefore is not merely a question of supply and demand, but rather an approach, a concept, a culture and way of life. It would perhaps not be incorrect to say that, as the number of people, companies, businesses and institutions that live, think and produce with quality increases, our habitual and engrained complaints as a nation are going to rapidly diminish.

As a member of an institution that for close to fifty years has embraced the mission of “Producing quality, and producing with quality”, I appreciate very well what it means for Turkish Airlines to have set itself the target of offering service above world standards and to have received a ‘Certificate of Quality’. And I take pride in them accordingly. I would of course like to reiterate that this is not an end but a beginning. I wish Turkish Airlines success on its quest for quality, and all of you a tranquil, pleasant, safe and quality journey.